Wednesday, August 31, 2005

5 Axes CNC Tool Grinder

「GRINTEC」is a company which can integrate solid carbide grinding jobs in Taiwan, from solid carbide and SDC grinding wheels purchasing, trueing and dressing ,material cutting, centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, CNC tool grinding, 3D software design, tool and grinding wheel measuring system and coating technology, those experiences can give our customers direct and indirect support in grinding tool.  In these few years, GRINTEC spends a lot of money and time to develop new grinding tool and technology in our own factory, in order we can give our customers more support and aftersale service.  Now, we have types of CNC Tool Grinding Machine, one is GT800, the other is GT500, these types are all rigid and precision tool grinding machines, and get good reputation from using customers in the world.  Based on 「more precise more benefit to customer」to run the company, we will keep all process in standardize and efficiency, and hope to devote our efforts in tool grinding field.


精利科技 擁有CNC刀具研磨之垂直技術整合團隊,從鎢鋼原棒及鑽石砂輪採購、砂輪修整、棒材裁切、無心研磨、圓筒研磨、成型研磨之CNC 軟體程式設計、表面鍍層、及銑刀成品之檢驗量測設備均可提供有意從事刀具研磨事業之客戶全程協助及整合。  精利科技 亦投入資金、材料及設備於廠內從事各式新型刀具之開發及試量產,希望能藉此提供客戶更完善之售後服務系統。  目前量產機型有GT800GT500 兩種,推出後因精度穩定並符合CNS標準,頗受客戶好評。接下來預計推出砂輪整修機台。  秉持 「精益求精、利人利己」之經營理念,公司內部凡事標準化、制度化、效率化的原則,希望未來能對刀具業界做出微薄助益。  因應中國大陸對5軸CNC工具磨床之強勁需求,計劃在上海成立中國分公司,以便能及時適時服務當地客戶。